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2022 Mental Health Resiliency Grants – Request for Proposals

Supporting Resiliency for our Community

The ongoing uncertainties of recent years have disrupted the lives of our community. Recent data shows that indicators of anxiety and other mental health challenges are on the rise. Approximately 1 out of 5 Maryland teens report having seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year[1]. Nearly half of Howard County adults report being bothered by nervousness, anxiety or uncontrollable worry[2].

It is critical that we support one another and invest in helping each other thrive and build resilience through these times. Resilience is defined by some as “bouncing forward” in response to the challenges of adversity. Resilience directly impacts mental health, and interventions that build resilience provide long-term benefits and strengthen overall wellbeing.

Resiliency Grants

The Foundation is seeking partners to help protect and support mental wellbeing. Specifically, we are seeking creative solutions from organizations to help build and strengthen our resilience as a community.

Organizations can submit proposals to serve children and youth, adults, or both. Successful applicants will demonstrate a need for funding to implement ways to build resilience. The proposal must address at least one of the following three areas of resilience. Examples of appropriate topics and programs are provided:

  • Physical: Investing in physical health and wellness to increase protective benefits from a healthy lifestyle. For example,
    • Creating opportunities to engage in exercise or physical activity
    • Implementing neurobiological programs, like mindfulness-based stress reduction to support stress management
  • Personal: Supporting education in emotional regulation, reactivity and impulsivity, and problem-solving. For example,
    • Educating residents on how to build coping and problem-solving skills
    • Training in emotional regulation to recognize and manage reactivity and impulsivity
    • Psychoeducation to help individuals make informed decisions, solve problems, and address self-defeating beliefs
  • Social: Establishing social supports to build connections to family, peers and mentors. For example,
    • Creating spaces for residents to engage with school communities and classmates, peers, co-workers/employers, faith groups, and/or cultural groups
    • Support knowledge around social competence and empathy
    • Helping youth connect with mentors who align with their skills and interests

Organizations should describe how funding would build on their current work. They must also identify the specific area of resilience (physical, personal or social) that the proposal seeks to address. General operating requests not aligned with the above resilience factors will not be considered.

Track 1
Track 1 grantees will be awarded up to $1,500. These awards are appropriate for shorter-term programming or events that address one or more of the resiliency criteria.

Track 2

Track 2 grantees will be awarded up to $30,000. These awards are appropriate for longer-term grants that address one or more of the resiliency criteria, and that have a plan for sustainability once funds are exhausted. This might be, for example, a newly created staff position that will be funded by your organization after grant funds are fully used.

Organizations must be tax-exempt under IRS Section 501(c)3, and must deliver services to Howard County residents. Multiple requests from the same organization will be reviewed collectively as one application. The Foundation welcomes organizations who wish to partner on this grant opportunity.


How to Submit Proposals

All proposals must be submitted using our online grants system.

The deadline to submit the application is Monday, September 26 (11:59 PM)Proposals will be reviewed and applicants will be notified no later than November 14. Award notifications will be sent via email to the email address listed in the grant application.

The grant period will be from the award date through December 31, 2023.


Interested in learning more?

For questions about this RFP, contact Tiffany Erbelding at tcallender@thehorizonfoundation.org

For help navigating the grant system or submitting the application, contact Kenitra Fokwa at kfokwa@thehorizonfoundation.org


[1] 2021 Youth Pandemic Behavior Survey

[2] 2021 Howard County Health Assessment Survey