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Grants Overview

The Horizon Foundation makes grants to organizations working to address our strategic priorities and the broader goal of improving the health and wellness of people who live or work in Howard County. We embrace innovative solutions and new models and encourage possible grantees to present such ideas when submitting funding applications.


Grants covering the past year


Grants since 2012

Strategic Health Initiative Grants

Mental Health Resiliency grants are now CLOSED

The ongoing uncertainties of recent years have disrupted the lives of our community. Recent data shows that indicators of anxiety and other mental health challenges are on the rise. It is critical that we support one another and invest in helping each other thrive and build resilience through these times.

The Horizon Foundation works with many community partners to raise awareness, reduce stigma and increase access to mental health services. This year, the Foundation is seeking partners to help protect and support mental wellbeing. Specifically, we are seeking creative solutions from organizations to help build and strengthen our resilience as a community.

Read the full RFP for more details.

Learn more about all of the Foundation’s work on mental health, including our Emotional Support Human campaign, the Mental Health Film Festival and the Mental Health Matters Coalition.

2022 Diabetes Prevention Advocacy Grants are CLOSED

The Foundation is seeking organizational partners to help to reduce diabetes and related health disparities, improve the nutritional environment of Howard County and create a healthier future for Howard County residents. The purpose of this grant is to support the Healthier Choices Coalition working to create policy change that will 1) make fresh produce more available and affordable, 2) improve school meals, and 3) warn residents about the health risks of consuming sugary drinks.

Read the full RFP for more details.

2022 Advancing Community Advocacy Fellowship applications are CLOSED

The purpose of this strategic opportunity is to build the organizing and advocacy capacity of community leaders and/or organizations by helping them to use their power to advance issues that matter most to them and their community. The grantee selected will become a key partner in one of the Foundation’s policy issue campaigns. Their community base and/or staff, leadership and members will learn essential organizing and advocacy skills by practicing them in a real-time policy campaign in conjunction with the Foundation and its other partners.

One (1) grantee will be selected and the grant period is two (2) years.

Read the full RFP for more details.

Advance Care Planning

It is well-documented that advance care planning and appropriate use of hospice and palliative services improves serious illness and end-of-life care. Still, plenty of challenges remain in ensuring ALL Marylanders can access these important services and make informed decisions about their health care. Fear surrounding end-of-life discussions, confusion about planning and the health care system and other cultural stigmas create even more barriers.

The Horizon Foundation works with partners to make advance care planning easier and more accessible. Learn more about our work with the Maryland Honoring Choices Coalition and our Speak(easy) Howard campaign.

Racial Equity Collaborative Grants are CLOSED

Howard County is not immune to systemic racism. Data prove many of our communities of color also face barriers to living long, healthy lives. Today, improving health and wellness for all people in Howard County means advancing racial equity.

These grantees work collaboratively on a joint equity-related policy. Their staff, leadership and members will focus on applying a racial equity lens to their work and learn essential organizing and advocacy skills by practicing them in a real-time policy campaign in conjunction with the Foundation and its other partners. The grant period for the collaborative is three years.

Learn more about this opportunity in our most recent RFP.

Learn more about our work to advance racial equity in our community.

The Foundation awards grants to organizations that benefit people who live or work in Howard County. Organizations must be nonprofits or public entities. The Foundation places a high priority on organizations that are able to clearly articulate program goals, present a plan for achieving results and track program outcomes and impacts. Generally, grants from the Foundation are not used to support capital campaigns, endowments, individuals or brick-and-mortar projects.

If you have any questions about grants from the Foundation, please view our Grant FAQs or contact Kenitra Fokwa at kfokwa@thehorizonfoundation.org or 410-715-0311.

Community Opportunity Grants - up to $20,000

2023 Community Opportunity Grants are CLOSED

These one-time grants for up to $20,000 help nonprofits carry out their mission more effectively in areas such as:

  • Building advocacy efforts
  • Professional development and executive coaching
  • Board development and strategic planning
  • Conference attendance, workshops, and peer learning opportunities
  • Organizational assessment & branding

Please note that Community Opportunity Grants should not be requested to support day to day operations/program delivery. Your request should focus on how you can build your organizational capacity in the areas above.  Visit our recent grants to see previously funded projects.

Modified funding amounts will be determined by the Foundations as there is limited funding to disperse for this opportunity. Proposals should be specific and outline the need and importance of your request.

How to Submit Proposals

All proposals must be submitted using our online grants system. Preview the grant application questions in this PDF.

The deadline to submit your application is April 19, 2023. Proposals will be reviewed, and all applicants will be notified no later than May 19th, 2023.

If you have any questions about the grant or the application system, contact Senior Program Officer, Kenitra Fokwa at kfokwa@thehorizonfoundation.org.


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Visit our frequently asked questions about grants to learn more.