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Grant FAQs

How do I seek funding and apply for a grant with the Horizon Foundation?

The application process for the Horizon Foundation is intended to be straightforward and thorough. Please refer to our grant guidelines for current funding priorities and grant cycles. You are always welcome to contact the Foundation and discuss grant opportunities and ideas with program staff. We respond to questions by phone, e-mail, and also at meetings and workshops. While not a requirement, it is always a good idea to contact staff prior to any formal submissions. For further questions, please contact Kenitra Fokwa at kfokwa@thehorizonfoundation.org or 410-715-0311.

Who is eligible to apply?

Regardless of the type of grant applied for, grantees should be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or a public entity.

How do I start the grants application process?

To begin, please read the Grant Guidelines in the RFP and these FAQs closely to see how your project aligns with the Foundation’s grantmaking.

Contact Kenitra Fokwa at kfokwa@thehorizonfoundation.org or 410-715-0311 if you want to discuss your project before beginning use of our online application process.

When you are ready to apply, and when the grants cycle is open, please use the online application system. Note: The Foundation accepts only applications through this online system. Using a series of prompts, the online grant application form will guide you through the submission process in detail.

What is the selection process for deciding to whom grants are awarded?

Grant decisions are made through the combined effort of Foundation Staff and the Grants Committee of the Board of Trustees with final approval of the full board. Staff members provide recommendations to the Grants Committee based upon some or all of the following procedures: analysis of the written proposal, site visits when applicable and meetings with project staff, experience with your organization or contributing personnel on prior grants.

How do the partnerships between the Horizon Foundation and the grantees work?

You can expect an open and honest communication from us; we may call you several times a year to check in on you, to share your expertise with us on pursuits outside of the grant; or, we may offer to connect you with organizations doing similar work. The Foundation is here to empower and make our grantees successful!

How does the Foundation communicate their decisions with applicants?

Applicants will receive written notification of a decision regarding submissions. Letters awarding or declining grants will communicate the decision of the Board and will also include information on various contingencies or pre-funding requirements. Please keep in mind that grant awards may contain significantly different terms of award than originally proposed by your group. Also, a Grant Agreement must be signed between your group and the Horizon Foundation, which spells out requirements and expectations.

Declination letters will generally not indicate specific reasons for Committee or Board action. In most cases, staff may be able to provide counsel for development of a focused proposal that meets our funding priorities.

Can I get feedback regarding a denied proposal?

You may receive feedback regarding the proposal by contacting Kenitra Fokwa at kfokwa@thehorizonfoundation.org or 410-715-0311.

Does the Foundation provide funding to individuals and/or scholarships?

The Foundation does not typically provide funding to individuals, scholarships or endowments.

Can I submit another proposal even though I was previously denied a grant?

If you submitted a request and have been denied, you may submit another grant application in the next grant cycle. Regardless of the number of denials, you may always submit an application provided you meet the requirements previously listed.

Does the Foundation provide funding for brick-and-mortar/capital projects?

Grants from the Foundation are generally not used to support capital campaigns or brick-and-mortar projects. However, inquiries about program-related investments can be made by contacting Foundation staff.

Does the Foundation provide sponsorship opportunities?

The Foundation typically solicits and identifies four to six health-related or community events to sponsor per year from federally tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, schools or public agencies.  Sponsorship opportunities must be compatible with the Foundation’s mission and programs in the areas of health and wellness. The Foundation especially seeks to sponsor events that align with its strategic initiatives and priorities including:

  • Reducing consumption of sugary drinks
  • Promoting healthy eating, physical activity and positive lifestyle changes
  • Increasing access to quality, affordable health care

The Foundation generally will not sponsor:

  • Individuals
  • Events that do not directly benefit the people who live or work in Howard County
  • Athletic teams
  • Capital or building construction projects
  • Endowment campaigns
  • An event after it has taken place

Can I apply for a grant for assistance in conducting a health needs assessment?

Yes, as with any other request, the Foundation will review your request and ensure it aligns with the Foundations priorities and needs of the county.

Will we know how much funding will be available at each level?

Yes, through a call for proposals, the Foundation will not only inform the community about how much funding is available for a particular level but how many awards are expected to be awarded based on the average grant size. However, funding amounts and number of awards may vary depending on the quality of the applications received.

Is it acceptable to apply for more than one level of funding? Can organizations apply for funding for multiple projects?

Yes, the Foundation does not limit the amount of requests submitted by each organization.

What is the deadline for Community Opportunity Grants?

The Community Opportunity Grants cycle typically opens in January every year, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis until grant funds are depleted.

Can Community Opportunity Grants fund recurring program needs every year?

Community Opportunity Grants are intended as one-time grants to help build nonprofit organizational capacity in the following areas:

  1. Building advocacy efforts
  2. Professional development and executive coaching
  3. Board development and strategic planning
  4. Conference attendance, workshops, and peer learning opportunities
  5. Organizational assessment and branding