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LOCAL Maryland

One size does not fit all when it comes to state laws. That’s why the ability to have local laws that meets local needs is so important. Local officials in cities, towns and counties are closest to their constituents and often understand the needs of their communities best.

But powerful special interest groups are working to stop local governments from having the ability to pass local laws that they don’t want. This is called preemption – when big business and special interest groups work at the state level to block or weaken legislation that local communities want for themselves, such as boosting wages, protecting the environment and promoting public health. Unfortunately, preemption measures are increasingly being introduced both in Maryland and around the country. State government should be setting the floor, not the ceiling, when it comes to making laws that affect our jobs, our families and our health.

The Horizon Foundation believes that it’s critical for our local community and others to be able to pass their own laws that benefit residents, including ones to improve and protect public health. That’s why we are a member of LOCAL Maryland, a coalition of advocacy organizations that fights preemption measures in state legislation that would take away the ability of local governments to protect their residents’ health and quality of life.

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