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Mental Health Film Festival

  • Mental Health Film Festival

    Mental Health Film Festival

    Olivia Doherty May, 11, 2018

    The Horizon Foundation's Mental Health Film Festival is an event to build awareness and compassion for members of our community facing mental health challenges. The…

  • Emotional Support Human

    Emotional Support Human

    Olivia Doherty Feb, 05, 2018

    The Horizon Foundation has launched a public outreach campaign designed to help people effectively support those in their lives who may be struggling with mental…

  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

    Olivia Doherty Feb, 01, 2018

    One in five adults in America experiences mental illness in a given year. Here in Howard County and across America, there remains a significant need…

  • Speak(easy) Howard

    Speak(easy) Howard

    admin Jan, 30, 2018

    Ninety percent of people say that it’s important to talk with loved ones about the health care they would want if they were unable to…