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Mental Health Film Festival

  • Mental Health Film Festival

    Mental Health Film Festival

    Olivia Doherty May, 11, 2018

    The Horizon Foundation's Mental Health Film Festival is an event to build awareness and compassion for members of our community facing mental health challenges. The…

  • Emotional Support Human

    Emotional Support Human

    Olivia Doherty Feb, 05, 2018

    The Horizon Foundation has launched a public outreach campaign designed to help people effectively support those in their lives who may be struggling with mental…

  • Healthier Choices Coalition

    Healthier Choices Coalition

    Kerry Darragh

    No matter who you are or where you live, EVERYONE should be able to access healthy and affordable food and drinks in our community. Unfortunately,…

  • HoCoRespond


    Olivia Doherty Feb, 04, 2018

    In March 2020 the Community Foundation of Howard County, Horizon Foundation, United Way of Central Maryland and Women's Giving Circle of Howard County announced new emergency funds and actions to…

  • Howard County Unsweetened

    Howard County Unsweetened

    admin Feb, 03, 2018

    Sugary drinks like soda, fruit drinks and sports drinks are now the largest source of added sugar and calories in children’s diets, and research shows…

  • Let’s Rethink Lunch

    Let’s Rethink Lunch

    admin Feb, 02, 2018

    What began as a pilot program to improve school food in three elementary schools is now standard fare in all elementary schools across Howard County.…

  • LOCAL Maryland

    LOCAL Maryland

    Kerry Darragh Feb, 01, 2018

    One size does not fit all when it comes to state laws. That’s why the ability to have local laws that meets local needs is…

  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

    Olivia Doherty

    One in five adults in America experiences mental illness in a given year. Here in Howard County and across America, there remains a significant need…

  • Recreation Inspired Sports for Everyone (RISE)

    Recreation Inspired Sports for Everyone (RISE)

    Kerry Darragh

    The Horizon Foundation is proud to partner with the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks and the Howard County Public School System to expand…

  • Streets for All

    Streets for All

    Olivia Doherty Dec, 23, 2017

    AARP Maryland, the American Heart Association and the Horizon Foundation lead a coalition to advocate for safer, connected streets for everyone. We want Streets for…

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