February 4, 2021

10 Years with our Chief Program Officer, Glenn Schneider!

Earlier this week, we were able to celebrate 10 wonderful, successful years of service with our Chief Program Officer, Glenn Schneider. Grateful and fortunate don’t adequately capture how much we appreciate him. Glenn cares passionately about the Foundation’s work, cares deeply about the community and cares greatly about each and every member of our staff. His expertise and knowledge in public health has had a direct impact on Howard County – under Glenn’s leadership, our influence on mental health, reduction of sugary drinks for kids and end of life care has profoundly affected the health and well-being of our friends, neighbors and loved ones for the better. Glenn is a trusted colleague, teammate and leader. Not to mention he is the king of dad jokes! Thank you, Glenn, for your dedication to the Foundation’s mission and for your relentless desire to make Howard County one of the best in the nation.