Policy & Advocacy

The Horizon Foundation has a long history of working to pass legislation and policies that make our community healthier and drive progress towards racial equity. In all of our work, we focus on removing structural, institutional and systemic racism that continues to exist in health, social and economic systems in our community. Together with our partners, we fight for long-term, systemic policy change that will enable all people to live abundant and healthy lives.

Mental Health Matters

Mental health challenges are on the rise. We advocate for stronger community supports and more equitable access to compassionate and affordable mental health care.

Healthier Choices Coalition

People of color face disproportionate rates of diabetes and other chronic diseases. The Healthier Choices Coalition advocates for policies that improve health outcomes for everyone in Howard County. Join us to get involved!

Howard County Health Justice

Women of color are much more likely to face poor birth outcomes and childbirth-related complications than their White counterparts. Howard County Health Justice advocates for accessible and high-quality maternal and child health care for all in our community.

Streets for All

AARP Maryland, the American Heart Association and the Horizon Foundation lead a coalition to advocate for towards safer, more accessible and more connected streets and sidewalks, especially in neighborhoods that have been historically disinvested. We want Streets for All in Howard County.

Policy Successes

Since 2013, the Horizon Foundation has worked to advance a number of policies to help make Howard County healthier. Click here for a full list of policy achievements.