August 21, 2020

Be an Emotional Support Human!

We are Emotional Support Humans

We are excited to announce the re-launch of our Emotional Support Human website! While it has a new look and feel, we are continuing to normalize conversation around mental health by reinforcing the idea that we can all be a pillar in a time of need.

In today’s digital space, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to our friends, loved ones, and community – especially as we are all dealing with anxiety, grief and isolation due to COVID-19. Emotional Support Humans show a willingness to reach out and listen compassionately to loved ones living with mental health challenges.

Our site provides tips and resources for those who want to show up and be present for their loved ones but who might be unsure of where to begin, what to ask, or what practical steps to take.

Head over to our new website to join our growing movement and learn how to show up as an Emotional Support Human for the people you care about. After all, a small effort can make a big difference!

Be an Emotional Support Human >>