April 15, 2022

Get your free advance care planning best practices overview

Since creating the Speak(easy) Howard initiative in 2016, we have learned a great deal about successful strategies organizations can use to encourage their communities to name health care agents. We have also learned that health care agent initiatives provide countless benefits for organizations.

In addition to improving quality of life and care within communities, research shows that advance care planning efforts, including health care agent initiatives, can make a big difference. They can help hospitals improve patient satisfaction, which impacts funding, clinical outcomes, patient retention and medical malpractice claims. Nonprofits and foundations can demonstrate measurable impact, combat health disparities and help reduce the cost of healthcare through such efforts.

We have experienced these benefits within our own organization and watched many of our partners do the same.

In honor of National Health Care Decisions Day 2022, we have created a free overview on best practices in leading a health care agent initiative for hospitals, nonprofits and foundations.

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We compiled these best practices after investigating successful efforts from organizations across the country and reflecting on our own lessons learned. Later this year, we will release a full report on our findings, including examples from a variety of organizations and step-by-step planning guidance for those who want to get involved. Keep an eye on your inbox for more coming this summer!