September 28, 2018

Horizon Foundation Celebrates Legacy of Impact in Howard County At 20th Anniversary Event

Nearly 100 past and current board members and health leaders gathered to commemorate 20 years of the Horizon Foundation improving health and wellness in Howard County on Sept. 27. With new initiatives and strategic priorities, Horizon is continuing to lead community change so everyone in the county can live a longer, better life.

“We are grateful and future generations will be grateful for the vision of a handful of our friends and neighbors who dreamed of what the Horizon Foundation could become and worked to make that idea a reality,” said Board Chair Henry Posko in his opening remarks.

Current President and CEO Nikki Highsmith Vernick joined Founding President and CEO Richard Krieg in addressing the audience at the Howard County Conservancy in Woodstock, Md.

“From access to health insurance and primary care, to chronic disease and obesity prevention to health care at the end life, the Horizon Foundation has taken on seemingly intractable issues,” said Highsmith Vernick.

Horizon honored People Acting Together in Howard (PATH) with the Richard G. McCauley Transformative Leader Award, established in honor of Horizon’s first Board Chair. PATH and Horizon have successfully worked together to create a world-class and nationally recognized school wellness policy for the Howard County Public School System. The partnership also launched “Let’s Rethink Lunch,” an initiative that allows students to choose from healthier lunch options so they have the energy and proper nutrition to learn and excel.

Board Vice Chair Greg Olaniran presented the award to Rev. Paige Getty of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia and Rev. Dr. Robert A.F. Turner of St. John Baptist Church in Columbia, both of whom have served as Clergy Co-Chairs of PATH during this period of remarkable change for health and wellness in Howard County.

“No leader walks alone,” said Rev. Getty. “No leader is a leader without a following. I thank you for shared development in the health of our community.”