December 15, 2021

Make Maryland the #1 state for honoring patient wishes

Take Action: Make Maryland the #1 state for honoring patient wishes

The COVID-19 pandemic also underscored the importance of advance care planning and being prepared for the unexpected. Over the past several years, we’ve come a long way in expanding advance care planning in Maryland thanks to community based-initiatives to educate the public and legislation to create electronic advance directives.

Still, plenty of challenges remain in ensuring ALL Marylanders can access these important services and make informed decisions about their health care. Fear surrounding end of life discussions, confusion about planning and the health care system and other cultural stigmas create even more barriers.

That’s why the Maryland Honoring Choices Coalition is working at the state level to ensure that every Maryland resident is regularly presented with the opportunity to complete an advance care plan. And we need your support to make that happen.

The coalition will reach out to health care providers, insurers, legislators and state administration and advocate for changes to statewide practices to ensure residents are regularly prompted to name a health care agent and/or complete an advance care plan. Join the Coalition today to make sure your voice is heard – and let’s make Maryland the top state in the country for honoring patient wishes!


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