Welcome to the Mental Health Matters Coalition!

Howard County students are facing significant mental health challenges – and mental wellness is critical to student success. Often times, school is the best place for kids to receive mental health supports. Nationally, 70% of students who receive mental health services across the country get them in schools. When mental health services are offered in school, parents don’t need to miss work to get their child to treatment, and students don’t have to miss extra classroom time waiting for and traveling to and from appointments.

A program jointly funded by the school system and Horizon Foundation has significantly expanded mental health services in 60% of Howard County schools, which provides personalized access to mental health services, including one-on-one counseling, during the school day. And thanks to your incredible advocacy, this program is expanding to ALL Howard County public schools!

The Horizon Foundation and our partners will continue to work to ensure this program is implemented effectively and equitably across the community. Every Howard County resident deserves access to quality, affordable and compassionate mental health care.


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