Cat Harmon, MPS

Cat is an experienced communications and marketing professional with a background in change management and a track record of successfully designing and executing campaigns for a number of government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

At the Horizon Foundation, Cat develops and manages all communications and branding strategies that promote the Foundation as a go-to resource for public health innovation in Howard County and in Maryland. She helps shape and execute the Foundation’s communications and advocacy strategies and leads social marketing and media efforts that support the Foundation’s programs.

Cat has 15 years of experience engaging diverse grassroots communities to inform strategies and develop effective communications campaigns to spur audiences to action. Prior to joining the Foundation, Cat was a senior communications manager at Technology Solutions Consulting and spent the previous three years at A-G Associates. In this role, she led a campaign that increased health insurance enrollment of Maryland’s Hispanic population by 150 percent, achieving one of the largest gains in the country. As a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor, she also trained and certified over 800 individuals in Mental Health First Aid and was honored as one of the top instructors in the United States.

Cat holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the College of Charleston and a master’s degree in corporate communications and public relations from Georgetown University. She lives in Columbia with her husband and three children.

Favorite things in Howard County

  • The diversity that runs richly throughout the County
  • A fantastic public school system
  • The family-centric atmosphere

Why I care about promoting health and wellness

Proper and fair health and wellness – physical, emotional and mental – can be a determining factor in whether or not communities flourish or fail. Everyone deserves to a chance to live happy, fulfilling lives.