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Jonathan Ilsong Ahn, Esq.

  • Jonathan Ilsong Ahn, Esq.

    Jonathan Ilsong Ahn, Esq.

    admin Jan, 08, 2018

    Jonathan Ilsong Ahn, Esq. Trustee President, JMT Consulting, Inc.

  • Larry Appel, MD, MPH

    Larry Appel, MD, MPH

    admin Dec, 22, 2017

    Larry Appel, MD, MPH Trustee Director, Welch Center for Prevention, Epidemiology and Clinical Research, The Johns Hopkins University Professor of Medicine

  • Christopher Fortune

    Christopher Fortune

    Kerry Darragh Dec, 01, 2017

    Christopher Fortune Trustee Vice President, Financial Analyst, T. Rowe Price

  • Juliet Gilliam

    Juliet Gilliam

    Kerry Darragh

    Juliet Gilliam Trustee Head of Entertainment and Talent Integration, Special Olympics International

  • Brian Hepburn, MD

    Brian Hepburn, MD

    admin Nov, 30, 2017

    Brian Hepburn, MD Trustee Executive Director, National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

  • Nikki Highsmith Vernick

    Nikki Highsmith Vernick

    Akbar Tolbert

    Nikki Highsmith Vernick Trustee President and CEO, Horizon Foundation

  • Sharon A. Hoover

    Sharon A. Hoover

    Akbar Tolbert

    Sharon A. Hoover Trustee Associate Professor and Co-Director, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, National Center for School Mental Health

  • Stacie Hunt

    Stacie Hunt

    admin Nov, 29, 2017

    Stacie Hunt Trustee President and CEO, Leadership Howard County

  • Tracy Miller, MBA, Esq.

    Tracy Miller, MBA, Esq.

    admin Nov, 27, 2017

    Tracy Miller, MBA, Esq. Trustee Attorney and Owner, Tracy Miller Law, LLC

  • Sekou Murphy

    Sekou Murphy

    Kerry Darragh

    Sekou "Koe" Murphy Trustee Chief Financial Officer, CCI Health & Wellness

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