March 8, 2023

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Reimagining Good Health for All: Dismantling Systemic Racism in Howard County

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Please join us on Saturday, April 29 for a community summit focused on breaking down systemic barriers to good health – featuring award-winning journalist and storyteller Soledad O’Brien! Grab your FREE ticket now!

Howard County faces deep health inequities, particularly in areas like chronic disease, mental health, and access to quality, affordable health care. Disparities are also stark in areas like transportation, wealth attainment, affordable housing, and education – all of which affect people’s ability to a live a long, healthy life. And because of our nation’s history of systemic racism – of which Howard County is not immune – we know that those barriers are typically stacked highest against people and communities of color.

As the Horizon Foundation works toward our next strategic plan, we want to hear from YOU about these issues. Come work with us and have your voice heard so we can build a better Howard County – together.

We are honored to have Soledad O’Brien join us to talk about confronting issues of race, class, income inequality and opportunity – and how doing so will help us build a better future for everyone. Attendees can also continue the conversation in breakout sessions following O’Brien’s keynote to create a roadmap for moving forward. (Space is limited for these – grab your spot now!)

The Horizon Foundation is all in on fighting systemic racism, eliminating disparities, and building a healthier, more equitable Howard County.

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