March 15, 2022

Support our students’ mental health!

Send your message to County Executive Dr. Calvin Ball

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought serious disruption to the lives of our students and their families. Recent data shows that indicators of anxiety and other mental health challenges are on the rise in our community. At the same time, lack of access to accessible, affordable mental health services has prevented many students and their families from finding the support they need.

As many of you know, all schools in Howard County have a standard set of mental health services available to students but only 60% have an enhanced set of supports that includes 1:1 counseling services – offered to students (with parent permission) by licensed professionals during the school day. These services would expand to ALL Howard County public schools over the next two years with funding recently promised by County Executive Dr. Calvin Ball, along with nearly $1 million in philanthropic support from the Horizon Foundation and the Kahlert Foundation for licensed mental health professionals in schools.

Tell County Executive Ball to make sure this gets done. Let’s protect and expand funding for students’ mental health in this year’s budget! 

After two years of this pandemic, our students need mental health support more than ever.  Send your message to County Executive Ball NOW to protect and expand funding for our students’ mental health this year!

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