July 22, 2021

Supporting mental health in faith congregations

Seeking input from faith leaders to address mental health needs

Mental health needs are rising in our community and our faith leaders can be among the first to become aware of these needs.

When help is needed, it is common for people to reach out to their school, their doctor or their faith leader. We have partnered with the school system to bring counselors to schools to make it easier for students and families to get help. We have placed psychologists in pediatric offices to make it easier for families visiting the doctor to get help. Now, we want to support our faith leaders in helping our community get the help they seek.

This year, the Foundation will commit resources to supporting mental health in faith congregations. But first, we want to understand what resources our faith leaders think they need the most. As a faith leader, are you looking for more training? A better way to refer congregants to mental health services? A mental health clinic on your campus? There are many ways to support families seeking mental health care – and we want to understand how best to help you, help them.

If you’re interested in talking more about your congregation’s needs, sign up for a time to meet with one of our Foundation staff. We want to know what you, as a faith leader, will find most useful. These conversations will help inform our mental health grantmaking later in the year.

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Questions? Reach us at info@thehorizonfoundation.org.