January 8, 2018

2018 Community Opportunity Grants Cycle Now Open

The Foundation awards grants to organizations that benefit people who live or work in Howard County. Organizations must be nonprofits or public entities. The Foundation places a high priority on organizations that are able to clearly articulate program goals, present a plan for achieving results, and track program outcomes and impacts. Generally, grants from the Foundation are not used to support capital campaigns, endowments, individuals or brick-and-mortar projects.

We make grants to organizations working to address our strategic priorities and the broader goal of improving the health and wellness of people who live or work in Howard County. We embrace innovative solutions and new models and encourage possible grantees to present such ideas when submitting funding applications.

Community Opportunity Grants – up to $20,000

The Community Opportunity Grants cycle is now open. Community Opportunity grants help nonprofits carry out their mission more effectively. Applications for grants up to $20,000 are accepted without solicitation via our online grants system and are provided to help build nonprofit organizational capacity in the following areas:

  1. Enhancing service delivery
  2. Building advocacy efforts
  3. Professional development and executive coaching
  4. Board development and strategic planning
  5. Conference attendance, workshops and peer learning opportunities
  6. Organizational assessment & branding

Click here apply.

If you have any questions about grants from the Foundation, please contact Rosimar Melendez.