August 28, 2017


They don’t have super powers, or wear capes and costumes. They aren’t fighting fantastical villains or saving the universe. They don’t stand out in a crowd or sparkle with movie magic.

But they’re bigger heroes than any comic book character or summer movie superstar.

Their heroism lies in their persistence, dedication, and compassion. They wake up every day not thinking of enemies to vanquish, but people to help.

Day in and day out, they’re ready offer assistance, guidance, or a sympathetic ear — whatever it takes to make someone’s life better, and in so doing, they make our community better.

So this summer – the season of super heroes – we want to celebrate our heroes, those for whom there is always work to be done and credit to deflect.

They are our #HealthHeroes, people working to help everyone, or even just someone, enjoy the benefits of good health.

We will be highlighting their work, their energy, their passion, and their impact. But you can help too. Who are your #HealthHeroes? Share their stories and tag the posts, and together, we can show our appreciation for all they do.

Here are links to the Health Hero posts on Facebook.  The list will be updated daily as the Heroes are added.

Monday, July 20: The Roving Radish

Tuesday, July 21:  Howard County Board of Education/ Superintendent Dr. Renee Foose

Wednesday, July 22: Franora Gray. Mom. Hero.

Thursday, July 23: Howard County Councilmembers Calvin Ball, Jen Terrasa, Mary Kay Sigaty, and Jon Weinstein

Friday, July 24: Howard County Unsweetened’s Better Beverage Teams

Monday, July 27: United States Postal Service Worker/Zumba Afficianado

Tuesday, July 28: Healthy Howard, Inc and participants in Howard County’s Healthy Childhood Program

Wednesday, July 29: “Your Voice. Your Choice” Video Contest Winners Josh Tope, Aren Hartoni, and Aaron Newton

Thursday, July 30: The residents of Howard County