The Horizon Foundation logo is a trademark of the Horizon Foundation. The logo is available for use with permission to the Foundation’s grantees and partners, and subject to approval by the Foundation’s director of communications. When placing a logo in your design, you must retain the proportions so that it is not stretched and there must be sufficient clear space surrounding the logo. Please contact Kerry Darragh with any questions about using these logos, or if you need the design files.

Grantee Guidelines

The Grantee must include an acknowledgement of the Foundation’s funding in all media, marketing and communications materials related to the project being funded.

  • Marketing and Designed Materials: The Foundation’s logo must be included on all marketing and designed materials, whether created in-house or professionally, in accordance with the Foundation’s brand use guide, available online at https://www.thehorizonfoundation.org/logos/.
    • Marketing and designed materials that need to have Horizon’s logo are as follows – press releases, postcards/direct mailers, flyers, brochures, booklets, event signage, posters, banners, slide decks for webinars/presentations and event SWAG (t-shirts, water bottles, etc.).
  • Social Media: All For all social media posts that pertains to an event, initiative or program that is funded and/or supported by the Foundation, grantees should tag the Foundation using the appropriate handle.

The Grantee must submit the acknowledgement to the Foundation’s Director of Communications at review@thehorizonfoundation.org for review and approval to ensure appropriate use of the logo and/or name. Guidelines for review and approval are below.*

  1. Materials less than 2 pages (e.g. social media, press releases or flyers) – allow up to one day for review.
  2. Materials 3-5 pages (e.g. brochures) – allow up to four days for review.
  3. Materials 6+ pages (e.g. presentations) – allow up to two weeks for review.

* – Materials can be submitted ahead of time for review and approval. For example, if a grantee develops an editorial calendar containing social media language for an entire month, that language can be submitted all at once instead of one at a time.