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Policy & Advocacy

Streets for All

AARP Maryland, the American Heart Association and the Horizon Foundation lead a coalition to advocate for safer, connected streets for everyone. We want Streets for All in Howard County.

Mental Health Matters

Mental wellness is critical to student success. This program jointly funded by the school system and Horizon Foundation has significantly expanded mental health services in 50 schools.

Healthier Choices

The Healthier Choices Coalition was established to encourage organizations to advocate for policies that improve health outcomes for everyone in Howard County. Take the pledge now!

Racial Equity

For the Horizon Foundation, our Equity initiative advocates for everyone to have a fair and just opportunity to live a long, healthy life – and no one is left behind, no matter who they are or where they live.

Honoring Choices

We’ve come a long way in expanding advanced care planning in Maryland, but there are still plenty of challenges. Maryland Honoring Choices Coalition aims to regularly give each resident an opportunity to complete an advanced care plan.

Policy Successes

Since 2013, the Horizon Foundation has worked to advance a number of policies to help make Howard County healthier. Follow the link below for a full list of policy achievements.